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In Italy, Internet is something similar to an optional.. It's not necessary and govern doesn't seem to care about giving access to It's citizens..
Okay, almost everybody has an available wired internet access.. at a reasonable speed of 56Kbps.. Someone can reach 800 Kbps.. but this was internet in 1998 so almost where we stopped..

I'm talking about my situation, because in the cities we are decades nearly the current era, 40/50 Mbps are reached, so It's cool! (a little expensive but remains cool)

I cannot have live-streamings/hangouts/skype calls or watch videos at higher than 240p resolution but have internet access for writing this post and surfing the P2P network, which is great!

But in these weeks and mainly in these days, here we are losing this new era internet too.. I mean, I have access to almost half the normal speed and sometime internet access falls.. Telephone is not working too.. but we have our powerful mobile phones with low bandwidth that give us the option of a “free” call so nothing is out of range.. but not exactly a situation I love…

Well, this forces me to work on offline works I have in my TODO, let's start with some offline relax and then works.. Back to 10 years ago.. back offline :]

please seeders.. keep this blog alive for me!
thanks :]



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