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— 22 November —

Yesterday I have opened my favorite computer software after ~2weeks.. I was just going to help a friend with cycles texturing..
Today I'm again at home, I have been almost all these days at my “Sesto Senso” Bar, the one I have opened recently..

— stopped writing till → 24 December —

This has been a very long and difficult month with my new barman work..

picture of a VSE screenshot

Finding time to write posts is difficult.. but 2 days ago I stopped for completing that work I left behind more than a month ago. Finished It.. I dedicated myself to the left behind videoclip “Film” of a friend of mine, Carlo Gilardi :)

Many time I thought about writing but I've never done It.. What is curious is that today I've entered ZeroMe and my name was between the most active people on ZeroNet in the score eigenvector centrality depending follows of greatsick xD that made me smile because I've been absent for a while :')

picture HOF active people on ZeroMe

Anyway I'm so proud about It, will force myself to be more and more active so!! ;)


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