Fire Days - Let's Start Over

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When talking of 2 days of fire, well we are talking almost like these I lived, at least.. I lived this way!
My deadline is tomorrow but I wanna finish today my work (having a little render and worried about watching the result actually)..
I found out to challenge myself.. on the last post I was talking about the mouse and more.. now I'm talking about e.thing I did in the last week.. I had to start from the beginning one more time.. But I'm happy! Because This way I made It in the my personal correct way, because this time my challenge was very big.. I left adobe software months ago, because I believe in open source more than ever now, because I wanna help making works and software available for everyone, because I have no money and have an idea of what means having no longer cashes to pay for a fee..

image alt So I started over, took a breath and… found out that Krita is even better than Photoshop! NICE! But I know almost nothing.. so I followed some tutorials! lucky me, I catch almost immediately what to do! A long morning with many coffees but I'm HAPPY of that!

image alt

Now I have an human and not only an arm! this, thanks to another cool project: MakeHuman

I'm finish up now!
image alt

but let's take a look to our sample render before saying anything!


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