How to Type Japanese on Linux

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I searched for so much time to find a proper way to type in Japanese on Linux but no guide has been able to help me… It appeared something almost impossible to me until, test after test, format after format, over time… I found out this method. This is why I found important to make a tutorial about. I truly hope it will help you on accomplishing your needs as much as it has done for mine ^〰^

If you have some perk to share, it will be highly appreciated! This was one the greatest somethings that makes me regret the switch Windows → Linux … but this one, in particular, is no longer one of these! Loving Linux way more after this ^-^

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➖ enter root environment ➖

or u cannot install packages

sudo -i

➖ install package manager ➖

apt update

apt install synaptic

➖ search and mark for installation ➖


japanese fonts (optional)

➖ initialize fcitx ➖

open fcitx

➖ configure fcitx ➖

open fcitx configuration add input method using the “+” icon uncheck “show only current language” select Japanese mozc configure a shortcut to trigger the IM

enjoy it ^〰^


This way u can skip to the “Initialize” point

sudo apt update && sudo apt install fcitx-mozc -y

And that’s all.. now u can type in Japanese also from Amino web


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