Italian or English?

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maybe Both!

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Since when I was very young I declared war to my mother language.. I didn’t like at school and neither talking, because… It is so limitative, i mean… The world speaks many languages but only one is spoke by every nation: English.

So I switched, even if I never been a master in speaking It.. Then It happened. I have been 1 week in a Swedish family and the father of this told me that He never studied the language.. but He was talking It so much better than me. I became curious and asked “How is It possible?” He told me that in Sweden they don’t usually have a translation to Swedish for films.. but only for toons! So He learned by watching subtitled films! Back to Italy I started doing the same and my English skill has increased! Cool!!! Now I can understand It so much better but what about talking.. It is so much more difficult.. no way for this, I was in need of exercising!….. For fortune I knew some beautiful people from outside the nation and we started talking :)

My skills increased just a couple years ago, when I joined some classes to the MIT OpenCourseWare.. The main one was thermodynamics! Listening to the teacher and taking notes helped me so much!!! because I was writing, listening and thinking all the same time! Perfect ^_^

So I felt ready to make some YouTube videos in the English language! And I started my actual VemoLink serie and this helped me so much ^_^

But why the title is asking about both languages?

Well.. Currently I’m discovering again my mother language.. and It doesn’t sound that bad… not more and the reason behind is probably because of my better understanding of English.. I can now watch at films without subtitles, vlogs, documentaries… I feel ready to… come back to the Italian ^^

But my main language now is confused! Online I should talk in English but in Italy people don’t really understand other languages.. so It comes out difficult to talk (online) with people of my country!! For sure I could write longer messages with both translations but tweets have limited characters and I can’t make double videos in both languages because of time, so… which language?

My actual solution is to use sometime a language and sometime the other one! Even if It generate a little bit of confusion ^^"

Have You any suggestion for me, fellow blogger reader/writer? :)



I asked on my Telegram channel about this and the confusion raised ahhahaha

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