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I missed for a while here on the ZeroNet.. Mainly because of work, It asked for all my computer resources and I left the bundle closed, so then my problems brought me away… I started informing myself about cryptography and search after search, waiting for video renders to complete, I found out what BitCoins were and started deeply studying this crypto-currency, since I decided to open my personal portfolio….. *folioS, hehe.. I took a couple of tests and still have to :)

Unfortunately I have absolutely no money, so I gained BTC for my purposes using micro-payments services, gaining up to 35k satoshis or something similar…

I personally loved the mario way, breaking It's head against a cube, poor mario ^^” They showed me spots and I gained my few BTC, so I quit. fees were getting too much high because of the amount of transactions but when I realized It was too late, It doesn't matter, we are talking about euro-cents, I will shut my computer down for a day and “recover them”.

Now my renders are almost finished, so I'm back here and can write this post! But I can see that half the people that were on ZeroNet not longer are.. What is gonna happen? This web is a revolution, why leaving It? Maybe for a MeshNetwork? It could be a reasonable reason! Or maybe they just tried It but then left.. anyway I'm back here and now I'm more informed about current ComputerScience technologies! I've also read a very interesting article about energy revolutions that I immediately print worried to see It take down.. This turned me to think about the ZeroNet and what I was missing leaving It closed for all this time-span..

picture of super mario jumping

.:8 Bits Away.


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