The Dawn of the 2nd/4

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My entire life is nearly a drastic change..

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Since 3 or more, years I switched my life to a workaholic one. But this applies for a non-stop work! I have not to stop in what I am doing, only for coffee breaks.. But in these days I'm switching my entire life studies to a barman one. Everything is changing and can't find concentration to finish my deadlines works.. (I will probably have to apply a discount to my customers for this) This is because of my no-moneys condition, so at the bar I have to work alongside the only worker I can pay for the entire building renovation and this job is stealing an enormous fraction of my day time..

I need to open the bar ASAP because my family's one had to close.. and incomes decreased as much as we are eating only pasta or bread.. and proteins are becoming rarer day by day…

My main studies focused on the musical performing, photography, building engineering and film-making, only on the last years on 3D-modeling and animation. Now I am switching my work life to only barman and 3D-animation. What I will have to probably do is refusing long job requests from any field outside the bar and keeping an eye to the enhancement of the business.. We should conclude that I will work for myself, this is what I ended up with :]

A new era is coming for me, I have just passed my 1/4 of century.. Time for the 2nd one.

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