World War 3 - the Emergency State Is Declared

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Okay, this night I was in alert mode because of the North Korea thing… They declared their intentions to reduce USA to dust and so Japan…. They also launched a missile that over passed the Hokkaido island… They also declared their intentions to sink the japan archipelago and the 4 islands… that's bad…

Is This the start of World War 3?

Is poverty and misery on the next corner? I absolutely hope not.

Today I thought about things that could break like gas, electricity, petrol and services around the world.. what would happen to great infrastructures like google, Facebook, amazon, VPS, nodes that let us to communicate? For sure.. I'm not a fan of some of these but I took them just like an example of things that could end.

I worried also about communications and this enforced my desire to evaluate the IPFS and ZeroNet.. These could one near day be a rare way to communicate and share info, files, calls, videos..

What do You think about all of this?
How bad is It? Is It just a lot of noise? Someone think nothing will happen.. I just hope It but am also in alert mode…

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