ZeroNet Blog Comments Fail to Publish

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For people that notice this error:

"File write error: [object Object]"

when commenting/liking on their zeroblogs, read to find out how I solved for me and hopefully for you too!

Let’s start with a brief description of how I created my Drawing Journey Blog
for first I created my zite address via vanitygen where I got a private key to sign modifications to it.
HERE the guide that taught me how to generate it.

then I cloned The ZeroBlog and copied the content of it cp -ra into my new vanity zite.
Up to here everything went fine, also publishing posts was okay.. but then I received a comment from ssdifnskdjfnsdjk telling me:
“when i tried to upvote your article, it said “File write error: [object Object]”, i seen this error already, it must be described somewhere on zeronet”

well.. This was unexpected!
I then tried to push some like/comment to my blog and contents failed to publish to peers… this got me suspicious and started investigation.. since I noticed something strange into my data/users/content.json and in particular the "signs" section was reporting the address of the zite generate by my clone action on the ZeroBlog.. so I tried a couple things until I found out HERE that the data/users folder was meant to be signed just like the zite address! so I basically deleted all the content in it [just my account folder, actually] and copied data-default/users/content-default.json into data/users/content.json
I then signed

# /path/to/zeronet/ siteSign [ziteaddress] --inner_path data/users/content.json

so started zeronet and broadcasted the changes to the peers.

@ssdifnskdjfnsdjk confirmed the problem was solved and I smiled :)

Hope my experience will be valuable to you too and if you feel to, share a drink with me ;)

FraYoshi :)

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